AdvEn Solutions Inc.

AdvEn Solutions Inc. is an innovative leader in induction of fluoride-ion and multi-ion materials for energy storage industry.

We invented “induced fluorination” (iF) technology and process potentially opening up a new space of electrochemical engineering and new methods to optimize materials for energy storage industry. AdvEn’s iF technology significantly increases energy density, cycle life and other characteristics of electrochemical materials used in advanced batteries compared with today’s lithium solutions.  In fact, iF technology is designed to form an “Electrochemical Material Platform” (EMP) upon which numerous future high performance and economical batteries can be built for various end uses.




Value Proposition

Big problems create large opporunities but need elegant solutions at affordabe price.

Today’s batteries, especially those for industrial, automotive and large scale energy storage sectors, face problems of low energy density, short cycle life and high cost per watt hour or per cycle.  A large number of “me-too” offerings today cost the industry a great deal but do not fundamentally mitigate these problems. 

AdvEn’s “induced fluorination” (iF) and its various iF-enabled electrochemical systems help  battery manufacturers and designers to build new breeds of products that overcome the problems cited herein.  By creating values to a broad based producers and users of advanced batteries, we maximize the market potential for our customers and partners.
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